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Digipack Compact Disc +. 4 pages insert book.
1.Harry Reems
2.Aid Teken Dogs
3.Song 4444
4.RR en RF
5.Intermental III
6.No Name/Not Named/Nameless
7.Ray Monk
8.Forza E.T.
10.A Song For Candela
11.Dawn The Star

Released 2014 by Aneurisma Records
Produced & Engineered by Raúl Parra and The Dry Mouths
Recorded at Fusible Studio Dec'12, Almería
Mixed & Mastered by RP Audio
Artwork/Design by iván Carreño
All Songs, lyrics and music by The Dry Mouths
Additional Guitars by Ogladih Ekim and Arrap Lúar