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CD. Digipack. 4 pages insert book.
1.Harry Reems
2.Aid Teken Dogs
3.Song 4444
4.Intermental III
5.RR en RF
6.No Name/Not Named/Nameless
7.Ray Monk
8.Forza E.T.
10.A Song For Candela
11.Dawn The Star

Released 1 MArch 2013
Produced & Engineered by Raúl Parra and The Dry Mouths
Recorded at Fusible Studio Dec'12, Almería
Mixed & Mastered by RP Audio
Artwork/Design by P. Domene, Sr. Mizzi and The Dry Mouths
All Songs, lyrics and music by The Dry Mouths
Additional Guitars by Ogladih Ekim and Arrap Lúar
Supported by Aneurisma Records